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Hi, I’m Karen.  As a busy mom, I know what it’s like to have little or no time to grocery shop or prepare meals.  I know what’s it’s like to hear the question, “What’s for dinner?” and have it send chills up and down your spine.

I want to eat healthy and I want my kids to eat healthy, but do we really have to eat three meals a day?

And as I have dealt with various health issues, and health issues with my children and my elderly parents, it has become my mission to seek better health through what we are eating.  I am a seeker of better health through food, and want to share that passion with others.

But make no mistake, I know doing this can be very time consuming, and can lead you to dialing the number to the local pizza place, or eating cereal because you are too exhausted and burned out to even step foot in your kitchen.

I have tried it all

I have done the meal delivery plans where I’ve had food prepared and delivered.  I have subscribed to those well-known services where you cook your own meals with their ingredients, only to find myself spending an hour in the kitchen preparing a meal that only served two, and my bank account depleted.

Meal Prep Workshops

Then I discovered Thrive4mom, and their meal prep workshops.  I went to one of their workshops last year, and the food was so easy to prepare, and delicious.  It saved me during the holidays when the last thing I had time for was preparing healthy meals, yet it’s exactly the time when I needed to take care of myself the most – so I could take care of my family.

My husband attended a workshop with me, and together we prepared all of our meals in less than 45 minutes.  And let’s just say, the kitchen is not his comfort zone. My Nourishing Kitchen is a Thrive4mom Certified Coach

So when the opportunity came to become a Thrive4Mom certified meal prep coach, I thought it was too good to be true.  I would be able to use my passion for eating healthy, to help others eat healthy too.  I could provide a much-needed service to others who really want to prepare nutritious meals for their families, but are strapped for time and out of energy.

Keeping my family happy and healthy is my biggest passion in life, and I have a feeling it’s yours too.  So I am really looking forward to this next part of my journey.

And I am really looking forward to seeing you in My Nourishing Kitchen!!

So let’s raise a glass to nourishing food, nourishing your family and nourishing your life!!



“The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling.”

Fabienne Frederickson

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