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Give the Gift of Healthy Food from My Nourishing Kitchen

I know when I was a new mom, I was overwhelmed by the generosity of people bringing my family a meal. I could not believe people would be so generous. And when both of my elderly parents fell ill at different times and sometimes the same time, my wonderful community pitched in and brought more meals.

This outpouring of love overwhelmed me. I vowed to always do the same for others. Just another reason why I started My Nourishing Kitchen.

While you can’t sleep for the new mom, or always heal the hurting, you can give them the gift of nutritious meals to help them in their time of need. You can help nourish them from the inside out when they need it the most.

Or maybe you want to give the “gift of time” to your child’s teacher, or shower mom with some extra love for Mother’s Day. Maybe dad is the cook of the family, and you want to give him some extra time to put his feet up every now and then. Or allow a newly married couple to prepare meals together.

The “family that meal preps together stays together right?”

Whatever your reason, it’s a great one, because it comes from the heart.

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“Sometimes it’s not just the food that’s the gift; it’s the genuine thought and kindness extended. The gift of time saved by not having to cook.” Anonymous

Offering Healthy Meal Prep Workshops

We Offer Healthy Meal Preparation Workshops

We Offer Healthy Meal Preparation Workshops

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