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My Nourishing Kitchen Testimonials

We’d love to hear how you are enjoying your meals, and how you are spending your newfound freedom, now that you aren’t devoting so many of your waking hours meal planning and prepping.

Please share your stories along with a photo if you have one, and if we choose your testimonial, you’ll receive a $25 gift certificate to redeem for one our workshops.

My Nourishing Kitchen Workshop Attendee Testimonials

  • 6 [that's SIX] meals, leftovers, organic, vegan and gluten free? And i don't have to shop, don't have to find the recipes? No mess in my kitchen. That is what you get here. Make the meals, freeze them, thaw them, eat them, repeat. 6 times. Do it again next month with new recipes. And they are delicious.
  • And it is fun.
  • If you don't meal prep, you probably waste more $ [money] than this eating out. Try it. I am signing up for my 4th month straight!"

Julie Serfass

  • I attended my very first workshop on Tuesday, and have already happily used three of the meals by Friday!!  On Wednesday, I brought the Basil Tahini Bowl to a potluck where it was enjoyed by all.  (And I was grateful to have an already prepared crowd pleaser to share!).  Then I decided to share the pasta dish with a friend on the mend from surgery.  Again, it was so nice to have it in the freezer ready to go.  Finally, my family enjoyed the mango and black bean chili for dinner tonight.  All these meals have made my week so easy and yummy!!

A. Drozdowski

  • My daughters and I had an amazing experience last night at My Nourishing Kitchen. Karen Rountree and her helpers set up stations, and we prepped six healthy meals.  PLUS we left with a huge grocery bag full of side items like salad mix and potatoes.

    The prep was easy thanks to the way it was organized. For the amount of food we got (without heading to the store!), it was/is an amazing value. Highly recommended!

Gwen Smith

  • Thank YOU, Karen, for hosting this educational and fun cooking event in your beautiful home! Even though I was the only guy there, everyone was sociable and made me feel welcome. And your helpers were great!! As we say in the Coast Guard, "Bravo Zulu!" (Well done!).

Wayne Wyrobek

  • It’s absolutely delicious! My dog is looking at me so hopeful because I don’t think he ever smelled something cooking in my kitchen! Seriously, it’s delicious and I’m so excited to try the rest of the meals. Thanks again!!!

Pam Goodin

  • My husband and I attended our first workshop in May and have already signed up for another one in June. It's super fun to prep meals while also making new friends at the same time. The meals have been so tasty and easy to prepare at home. Karen, a gracious and caring hostess and coach, is patient with us all saying - "Hey, Karen!" at the same time! Thanks for helping us to eat healthier!!!

Marti and Louis Williams

  • As a working mom with four kids, this service is a life-changer. Our family also has numerous food restrictions due to allergies, so finding an option that works for everyone is a huge relief. I never would have imagined that preparing a week's worth of family meals would be this fun, time-effective, and budget-friendly. I highly recommend trying My Nourishing Kitchen.

Christie Sumner


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